05 June 2010

Segong 5 June 2010

Venue: Segong
Date: 5 June 2010
Start push off time: 1515
Cuaca: Panas awan berarak
Rider: 6

Ade rescheduled our ride from 1500 hour to 1430 hour, and I received the message around 1400 hour. I rushed myself getting ready, got all stuff gathered, and tossed all the bike gears into my white kelisa. Reached the push off point around 1455 hour. Seeing them all ready, waiting for me made me feeling blue for delaying the ride. Jari disusun mohon kemaafan...


2. The trail's condition is better than last three week, we really want to thank those who use their effort and time to clear all the fall tree, covering most of the pits with earth; made the overall trail safe and fun to ride. Peace y'all

3. I just couldn't stop myself laughing seeing our technical wizard falling from his bike. It was a hard-to-get opportunity to shot a beautiful la memorable moment like this.


5. Ade on Giant.

6. Jimi on Merida.

7. The gang from left; Jimi, Ade, Philip, Joseph, and Naz

8. When the riders start to clean their bike, it is a sign that the ride has reached the end.

01 June 2010

River Safari Pedawan

This event was held on 31 October last year..

The starting point is at Kpg. Danu and finished at Kpg Git, a total of approximately 26km in the Padawan area.

Cabaran yang paling susah dalam rakit merakit ni adalah ketika membawa rakit dari lokasi pengumpulan rakit ke tebingan sungai. Just imagine, the weight of the rakit, i believe more than 500 kilos. The length of the rakit was 25 feet, and the width was 3.5 feet. Nasib baik ada kawan yang sanggup membantu kami untuk mengangkat dan menurun rakit ke tebing sungai.















The water is clean, the scenery is so marvelous, it is a fun activity, and this raft safari event is one of the event to be expected every year in Pedawan Festival.

Anyone want to join us this year?

You can visit the website here


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