25 March 2010

Padangpan 21st March 1010

Sunday, 21st March 2010

Ade,Awek, Bab and I drove to Padangpan after getting the bike into the van. We managed to take our breakfast in the process. We met with Melvin and Co. at a shop in Kampung PadangPan, prepared the bikes and finished off the loop with them before heading back using the downhill route. We logged in about 3 hours of good riding before heading back to the cars at the shop's parking lot. Good times with a lot of people on the bike yesterday, road and mountain.

Biking is not too bad, just have to stand up for the technical stuff.

More descend and ascend to go.

Bab just couldn't take the heat. Nearly gave up riding for that day.

The only way to encourage him to ride is to let him half naked riding in the sunny hot day .

Some part is too technically hard, left us no choice but to push our bike.

So hot...

Big grin on the face after conquering the ascending part of Padang pan. Yup, we were having great time.

True sign of a great descent.

But not all descent all the way..

It sure was a fun ride for everyone.

Rider of the month.

16 March 2010


Sunday, 14th March 2010

This trip was organized by a group called KBH( Kuching Bike Hash). To be a member, you pay RM50, if you have too much money to waste, you can pay RM 10 each time you follow them.

Wallahow we kind of surprised when some guy approached us and wanted us to pay rm 20(for 2), so expensive loh, but consider oklah because you get to know new trail and free flow of drinking water.

I asked him "why so expensive ha?"

he answered " dont worry, we dont cheat your money, your money will go to charity."

Good. Now with cycling, we can do charity beside building our calf muscle..

The Idea

A bike hash, or "bash" is a bunch of people ("bashers" or "hounds") cycling around in an area (typically communal forests, parks, countryside trails, rubber estate here in Malaysia) following bits of paper (like "paper trail") that has been laid earlier by the "hare". To make things more exciting, the paper trail includes a system of check-points ("checks") and false trails ("falsies"). A bit like treasure hunt meets orienteering, if you like, with a touch of sado-masochism thrown in every now and then. The checks and falsies also serve to keep the group more or less together in the estate and so making the hare's job of making sure all the hounds stay "found" easier.

So, that summed how the ride goes..

Below shots were taken by my camera.

Tired of waiting


We had to lift our bike because we had to walk on bamboo bridge. Most part of the track consist of bamboo bridge.( around 15 of them) Hats up to those who can ride their bike on the bamboo bridge.

The following pictures are courtesy from Kuching Bike Hash.

This guy went around collect money from the poor.. Just kiddinglah..

The trip scheduled to start on 3.00 pm, but delayed to 3.30pm because there were bikers who arrived late to the meeting point.

The first challenge was to climb this steep single lane tar road.

Going in to taste the dirt and mud

Nice singletrack but unfortunately some part of track cannot be ride on the bike

Dining points for your eyes.. Brilliant scenery.. Local Chicks wearing Sarung Batik..


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