25 January 2010

Mountain Biking: Indian Temple Part 2

Sunday, January 24, 2010.

One of the best trail to train endurance and physical resilience is Indian Temple trail at Matang. The trail consist of 2km uphill is not an easy task even for a veteran like Cikgu Sudirman.

Other reason on why this trail is one of the best trail at Kuching is we could see nice scenery of Kuching city from the temple at the end of the track.

Our experience of 2km downhill ride on the way return to our car were fantastic.
We started our ride around 3 pm. The weather was very hot. Didn't hope for the rain though.
Mr Ade aka Technical Wizard
I borrowed this Fuji bike from Mr Ade.
It looks like your calf got some beautiful muscle now
Some of the riders couldn't wait to try the downhill. I don't think they start from the top, do you think so, Mr Ade?
For your information, this rider is Mr Ah An.
This guy won the title 'Jumper of the day'
After winning the title, he threw himself into the small drain
Bike porn: this bike owned by Cikgu Sudirman: the Endurance Junkie
Mr Technical lead our our way
Followed by Mr Confident
Then, followed by Mr Steady
There was nothing that can slow down his speed, accept a guy that we called the F4(the fagot 4)
Right now Mr Steady's speed reach the highway speed limit
Big grin on his face showed us that he was happy with his performance on that day

24 January 2010

Mountain Biking: Kampung Baki

Sunday, January 17, 2010.

Cikgu Sudirman invited us to try a track at Kampung Baki, we heard several comments about this route; nice, fun, steady; they said.. This time, we brought Mr Awang Aswari with us, this is the first time he do the bikepacking.

The sky was covered by the dark cloud, promising us with heavy rain ahead. But it did not demoralized our 'desire' to explore this route. Waisehhhh!!

Oh ya, during the journey, we were identified as the PETRA JAYA gang. kuuahhaaahahaha..

The Technical Wizard
Encik Bab rode with confident on the tarmac section.
Again, with style and elegant, he rode faster than anyone ( only on the tarmac)
Thetrail starts with hilly and loose gravel single track
It most interesting part begun when we started the jungle part of the route
Most of the route were muddy but rideable single track

Some of the section required us to walk with our bike.
Introducing Mr Awang Aswari, he lost his virgin in this jungle.
Mr Awang Aswari with Mr Bab (left).
Hike a bike.
Mr Awang Aswari tried to control himself before he fell to the side.
One of the Otai

Most of the riders didn't have the ball to ride down this hill because of the slippery road condition. But for Mr Ade and some of the otai, it was a piece of cake. Unfortunately, Mr Awang Aswari, he chose to use the other shortcut, which resulted, a broken finger, really not worth it man!!!

After I took this shot, the rain poured heavily, I had to keep my camera in the bag. Don't dare to take picture when it is raining. Many great scene and action could not be captured because of the heavy rainfall.

Maybe I should buy a weatherproof camera.

The rain stopped, times to take some action.

Welcome to Kampung Baki Tajung

To Mr Awang Aswari, we will always welcome you to join us in the next expedition.

15 January 2010

Mountain Biking: Kuil Tambi Trail Again

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We have done two previous ride here. We love the track because it really test our stamina and endurance..

Ade, Bab, Jimmie and I set out to battle hills and rocks...
Mr Bab show us the way

Mr. Confident
Lot of loose gravel
but the route is rideable
Mr Bab try to look awkward

Mr Bab try to look awkward again...

Hike a bike

After taking this picture, my cam ran out of battery, should bring extra battery, arghhhh!!

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